K Beauty, and why you need it in your life

Published by Katie Fleming on Jun 18, 2021

K Beauty goes all the way back to the 1500s, and is so much more than a 10 step Beauty Routine.

In Korea, they have a different approach to Beauty and Skincare. Facials are something that is routine in everyone's life. Families have Estheticians on call, as we do our Family Doctors.

Skincare in Korea, is a way of life, and is inspiring the rest of the world. They are the leader when it comes to Innovation and Beauty.

K Beauty is set to hit 26 Billion by 2026, and is only just getting started.

As a Master Esthetician, I have had the chance to work with some of the most incredible Skincare Companies, and Devices. This makes my approach to Skincare and Beauty, unlike any other. I want to share my passion, knowledge, and help inspire others with their own Skincare Journeys.

I am inspired by all Cultures and their approach to Beauty, and in Korea, they have a unique way of blending and layering their products. Every Essence, Serum, and Cream has a purpose. As a Master Esthetician, I have the same belief. Skincare is not made to be something vain. It is meant to be something that brings you happiness, confidence, and makes you Glow from the inside out!

My goal with Get Glowing Skincare is to be the Light in your Skincare Journey!

I am here to help you get the most out of your own Beauty Routine!