Do I Need an Everyday Serum? Here's What to Know

Do I Need an Everyday Serum? Here's What to Know

Oct 05, 2022

If you're looking to update your skincare routine, you may be wondering if you need an everyday serum. Here's what you need to know.

For the longest time, skincare routines consisted of just a few essential steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It was much simpler, streamlined, and fast — just about everybody has time to wash their face, add a little toner, and end with moisturizer. Quick, easy, and done! Face serums were barely even a thing!

Fast-forward to today, skincare regimens are much more complex and involved. There are countless products available at various price points at hundreds of online and brick-and-mortar stores. Skincare routines have graduated from a three-step regimen to include ten or more steps!

There are oils, balms, blurring creams, masks, primers, physical and chemical exfoliators, glow lotions, peels, cleaning waters, essences, butter, correctors, boosters, and more! The list truly goes on and on. Somewhere amid that long list of products is one of the best, most effective products you can add to your routine: the face serum.

While there are many options out there, and the choices seem endless, there are many questions surrounding the product, such as how to apply it, why you should be using it, and if it's something you should be using every day. Today, we're filling you in on everything you need to know about how often to use serums and when to apply them.

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Is an Everyday Serum Necessary?

Well, no. Using serums every day is not necessary. There are many people out there that skip this step in their routines. However, if you want smooth, youthful-looking skin that glows from within and has an extra layer of protection, then yes. Using serums every day is absolutely necessary.

Daily face serums are one of the best, most effective ways to enhance your daily skincare routine and achieve glowing, healthy, protected, and nourished skin. Serums help to rejuvenate your skin and provide essential nourishment. Because serums are lightweight, they are absorbed into the skin quickly and will not leave your skin feeling greasy. Serums are jam-packed with effective ingredients that improve skin texture and repair damaged skin.

These products play a crucial role in your skincare routine as they help retain your skin's natural moisture barrier and provide an instant boost. Here are five reasons you need an everyday serum (or two or three):

  1. Reduces Blemishes and Other Imperfections — Face serums are great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Some serums have active ingredients like retinol and acids that can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and other imperfections.
  2. Added Hydration — Face serums are known and adored for their natural moisturizing properties. Most serums are lightweight and are the next step after cleansing (in a basic, pared-down routine). In fact, they are the first step in the moisturizing process (but should not be confused with an actual moisturizer).
  3. Additional Layer of Protection — Face serums are packed with various essential vitamins that help repair the skin and protect it from impurities such as dirt, pollution, dust, and more. Serums containing ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C, and green tea help prevent damage from UV rays which result in controlling signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Improves Skin Texture — As briefly mentioned above, serums contain hydrating properties that give your skin a boost of nourishment, resulting in an improved texture. Professionals highly recommend vitamin C serums as they are particularly good at this.
  5. Soothes and Calms the Skin — Serums can help reduce and soothe skin irritations. They are great at restoring dull-looking skin and bringing it back to life. Dry skin can feel itchy and result in patchy and flaky areas; including face serums in your skincare routine is an excellent way to prevent irritation and provide a soothing effect.

Should You Use Serums Morning and Night?

Yes! You can use face serums in the morning and at night. Of course, each product can differ from one to the next, so refer to the label on your product for usage instructions. However, generally speaking, there are guidelines regarding when you should use certain serums. Let's take a look:

Best Serums for Your Morning Skincare Regimen — Morning serums can contain just about any active ingredient, from humectants to antioxidants to acids. Just make sure you wear quality sunscreen. It's best to avoid retinol products since this ingredient can lead to significant sun sensitivity and leave your skin more susceptible to damage from UV rays.

Face serums that are specifically great for daytime use antioxidant serums like those containing vitamin C, which helps counteract free radicals. Additionally, hydrating serums like hyaluronic acid and snail mucin are great for prepping your skin for makeup.

Best Serums for the Nighttime Routine — Your nighttime routine should include powerhouse serums like those with vitamin-A (also known as retinol), which help increase cell turnover and bring new skin cells to the surface. This is crucial in helping smooth texture, correcting tone, and eradicating blemishes.

Other great serums to use in the evening include those with acids for chemical exfoliation and ones that promote collagen and elastin production.

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