Eres Tu Serum Arbutin 5%

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Target Sun Spots, and boost Radiance with this Innovative Serum!

When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, it produces melanin in the base layer of the epidermis. Arbutin 5% Serum by Eres Tu is aserum that reduces the melanin production and makes the skin look brighter. This product is KFDA approved.


Use the Arbutin 5% Eres Tu Serum on a regular basis to improve the brightening of the skin. Every 4 weeks the epidermal layer of the skin has a turnover and completely renews its cells. This serum will encourage the melanin to be removed and the skin will produce new skin cells low in melanin content. This makes your skin look brighter.
Always use sunscreen when using Arbutin 5% serum.


  • Main advantages
  • Brightening effect
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and dryness
  • Reverses sun damage

How to Use: 
Apply to cleansed skin, using the dropper. I like to do each section at a time. This helps to make sure every area is being treated. Can be used Morning and Night. This serum is Korea's version of The Ordinary. Wonderful for all skin types, Bearberry is the leading ingredient in this serum. Aids in lighting Hyperpigmentation, while also preventing future melanin production. 

Ingredients: Water, Sodium hyaluronate, Arbutin(5%), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Disodium EDTA

Content: 30ml  1 fl.oz

For Topical Use Only.