Eres Tu Peptide Complex 3,000ppm Serum

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Silk amino acid: The constituents of amino acids extracted from silk fibers are reported to be similar to the composition of human skin and contain 18 amino acids, which are the most basic of the new synthesis of body cells. It can be effective in moisturizing and boosting elasticity of the skin.

Casein peptide (hydrolyzed casein): Processes pure casein separated from milk as a protein breakdown enzyme, then selects peptide of less than 1 kDa through an ultrafiltration system, which helps improve the skin by forming a film and gently covering it.

Collagen peptide (hydrolyzed colloidal): A small peptide mixture made by hydrolysis of collagen reduces the flaking phenomenon resulting from dry skin, restoring skin elasticity and help improve the dry skin.

Skin Type

All Skin

How to Use

Morning and night, after toner, take proper amount(2~3 drops) then, tapping gently and spread in face

Main Ingredient

Silk amino acids, Hydrolyzed casein, Hydrolyzed collagen, Sodium hyaluronate

Full Ingredients

Water, Sodium hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexandiol, Silk amino acids(1,000ppm), Hydrolyzed casein(1,000ppm), Hydrolyzed collagen(1,000ppm), Disodium EDTA

Made in Korea

Contents: 30ml, 1 fl oz

For Topical Use Only.