Curenex Salmon DNA Rejuvenating Mask Pack of 5 (30g)

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"INTENSE GLOW & SHINE With Curenex" Pack of 5 Masks


PDRN aids cell viability, extracellular matrix formation(ECM), Angiogenesis and other medical applications.
Its initial use case is the treatment and repair of damaged tissue, but it has been developed to use for skin rejuvenation.

PDRN regenerates tissue by activating micro vessels and activates fibroblasts to help produce collagen.


Peptides have a intercellular messenger function from brain to nerve and muscles.
It is excellent for skin regeneration, a component known as Baby skin solution.


Hyaluronic Acid is an essential component in anti-aging solutions.
It is also naturally found in skin tissues.

Hyaluronic acid has restorative abilities and can boost skin moisture content, soothe, and defend against dry skin.

Glutathione called Vitamin G is an essential nutrient in the body.
It helps remove free radical and inhibits the activity of the ingredients that make melanin pigments. Plus, the most important role is skin lightening.

It improves skin elasticity by stimulating cells that produce new skin tissue.

For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.

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