My story of Esthetics

My story of Esthetics

Published by Katie Fleming on Oct 19, 2023

Beauty and Skincare is something that has always been part of me. It's one of my Love languages. From as long as I can remember, I have been absolutely obsessed with it. It is something that brings me inner peace and happiness, I love to share that with others.

Growing up, I was always the one who was experimenting with Makeup and Skincare." Get Ready" parties for school dances, and football games were always spent at my house. We would blast the music, and get ready. I loved helping with the Makeup and Brows. My favorite part was the creativity, beauty and smiles that it brought. I wanted to be in a career that would help others. Nursing was always something that I thought about, but wasn't sure if I would be able to be around the sadness, so for me, Esthetics, seemed like the perfect fit. I would be able to help others, bring a smile to their faces and help to show them how Beautiful they are. I knew that once graduating High school, I would enroll to become a Master Esthetician.

Growing up, I was super close to my Grandparents, and during my last year of High School, I was able to really spent quality time with them. They both saw my passion and love for Esthetics, and always encouraged me to go for it. My Grandpa was a Firefighter, and he was my Hero. He inspired me every day to pay attention to the details. Help others, open the door for a stranger, and always be a friend. This is how I have always tried to live my life, and also has influenced my work ethic. I lost him right before enrolling at Paul Mitchell School Academy, and I made a promise to myself that I would make him proud by continuing to be an example of kindness, compassion and love. I remember sitting and talking with my Mom and Grandma a few weeks after him passing away. They both helped encourage me to do the same, and smile. Keep going and enroll for school.

Paul Mitchell was one of the most incredible experiences. For the first time, I totally felt at home. I was surrounded by others who had the same passions as I did. I chose Paul Mitchell Skin Academy right after their Grand Opening. The owners are both incredible people, who I have learned so much from. The state I live in, offers a program called Master Esthetics. This allows for more clinical treatments, and allows me to work alongside a Dr. or Physician at a Medical Spa. The Clinical side of the business has always been so fascinating to me. The Skin Academy brought the best of both worlds, Clinical Skincare, along with Holistic Treatments. One of my Instructors helped develop the Cosmetic Dermatology Center at a local, well known University.

I have been blessed to have had the best career in Esthetics. I was able to experience the best of the best. I have worked with and along side the best people.

Now its time for me to expand, and step from behind the facial bed and into the world of Online Skincare and Beauty!

My goal with Get Glowing Skincare, is to be the Light in your Skincare Journey. I want to help make you smile, and feel your absolute best! Whether it's for a facial serum, or just a helpful Blog post. I am here to Help!

Hope this gave you a little insight on me, and my approach to Beauty and Skincare.