3 Reasons Prioritizing Your Lip Care is Essential

3 Reasons Prioritizing Your Lip Care is Essential

Oct 12, 2022

Did you know that prioritizing your lip care is just as important as your morning and nighttime skincare routine?

You probably have a decent skincare regimen that involves cleansing, exfoliating, adding serums and essences, moisturizing and more. But do you give your lips any attention? Actively caring for your lips is essential for maintaining healthy lips.

Lips are one of the most prominent and noticeable features on the face. Soft, hydrated, plump, pink lips are what many people strive for and can really add to your look. Unfortunately, not everybody can have these perfect lips without a bit of care and effort. Many people experience lips that constantly feel dry, tight, or chapped.

Thankfully, you don't have to live with this discomfort! You can get the best version of your lips by making a few changes to your lifestyle and lip care routine in no time!

Continue reading below to learn why you should prioritize your lip care regimen and how to do it.

3 Reasons Prioritizing Your Lip Care Routine is Important

Here are three reasons why prioritizing your lip care regimen is essential:

  1. Avoid Cracked, Chapped Lips — You may not give your lips much thought throughout the day, but lips play an important role and go through a lot daily. Lips are constantly exposed to harsh elements and move for a good portion of the day, thanks to talking and eating.
    Lips can quickly become extremely chapped, which may lead them cracking and bleeding if they are not given the attention they need. It's crucial to offer your lips a bit of reprieve by keeping them hydrated and moist with lip treatments and your diet.
  2. Keep a Healthy and Youthful Appearance — The backs of hands, necks, and lips are often a dead giveaway of your age. With too much sun and other intense weather exposure and little care, it won't take long for your lips to shrivel up and develop permanent wrinkles and creases throughout and around them, thus rapidly aging your appearance.
    However, if you prioritize taking care of your lips, they'll return the favor. Lips that receive regular TLC will help you maintain a young, healthy, and attractive look that many strive to achieve.
  3. Lips Cannot Do It Alone — Did you know that unlike most other areas of your skin, your lips do not contain any oil glands and cannot generate their own hydration? Thanks to lip-specific products, keeping your lips hydrated is relatively easy.

Regularly using these products helps restore moisture and fullness to your lips, creating a more beautiful and approachable smile. Healthy-looking lips can enhance your physical appearance and help you feel bolder and more confident every day.

Prioritizing Your Lip Care: How to Do It

If your lip’s health is important to you, here's a list of things you can do to help them look and feel their best:

  • Drink Lots of Water — Dry, chapped lips are often one of the first signs of dehydration. Your body will allocate the little water it gets for more essential organs and body parts; hydrating your lips is the first thing to go.
  • Avoid Licking Your Lips — When your lips feel slightly dry, it's easy to lick your lips for immediate relief instead of reaching for a lip balm or glass of water to drink. Saliva offers temporary relief, but in the long haul, it only exacerbates the issue and further aggravates dry lips.
  • Breathe With Your Nose — Instead of breathing through your mouth, which can dry out your lips, try to breathe with your nose. If your nose is congested, try using some nasal congestion treatments.
  • Avoid Wearing Lip Makeup for Long Periods of Time — Many lip makeup products dry and cause skin issues like dermatitis and pigmentation. Wear lip makeup only when necessary, and take it off when you don't need it.
  • Don't Forget to Exfoliate — Like the rest of your skin, lips can accumulate layers of dead skin cells. Use a lip-specific product to remove those layers so that moisture can thoroughly and adequately hydrate your lips.
  • Avoid Smoking — There are countless reasons smoking is horrible for you, and among that long list of reasons not to smoke is for the health of your lips. Smoking can cause wrinkles and irregular pigmentation on and around your lips.
  • Maintain Good Dental Hygiene — As you age, your gums begin to recede and cause your lips to appear thin. Of course, you cannot stop the aging process; however, good dental hygiene and regular check-ups can help reduce how much your gums recede.
  • Eat a Nutrient-Dense Diet — Eating a healthy diet will give you all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to maintain healthy skin and lips.
  • Use a Humidifier — Turn on a humidifier, especially during dry months, to help bring back couture to your lips and help prevent cracking and dryness.

A Simple, Yet Effective Lip Care Routine

A regular lip care routine is just as important as your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Here's an easy and effective regimen that will leave your lips looking and feeling healthy:

Cleanse the Lips — Remove makeup by using a makeup wipe or warm water and a soft cloth.

Exfoliate Your Lips — Use a lip exfoliate two or three times weekly to remove dead cells.

Moisturize the Lips — Use a lip balm regularly. Daytime balms should include an SPF.

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