10 Items to Include in Your Korean Skincare Routine

10 Items to Include in Your Korean Skincare Routine

Sep 14, 2022

A Korean skincare routine may be extensive and bougie, but it is an incredibly effective way to achieve the skin of your dreams.

There are countless products in the world of K-beauty that are available today. These products are beloved and shockingly effective thanks to their natural ingredients and use of cutting-edge technology. Korean beauty brands have thought of everything, and each product is thought out and used for a purpose.

Many K-beauty regimens involve many steps and products. This process might seem overkill to some; however, to those who understand, it is all necessary as it is used for a reason. A Korean beauty routine is a lifestyle and worldwide phenomenon that allows skin care-obsessed individuals to achieve flawless, healthy skin.

A Korean beauty routine is not about having every product available. Instead, it’s about having the necessary products that can help you accomplish the things you want and applying them in the right order. So, today we are talking all about ten items you’ll want to include in your everyday skin care routine.

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10 Items Every Korean Skincare Routine Should Have

Here are ten items that every K-beauty regimen should entail:

  1. Makeup Remover — Every K-beauty routine should include a way to remove your makeup, SPF, oil-based impurities, pollutants, and any other buildup from the day, and a great way to do this is with an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are the base of Korean skin care routines and are the first step of the double cleanse.
    Unless you forgot to wash with an oil cleanser the night before, you could skip this step in the mornings since there isn’t much to wash away, just the skincare products you applied the night before
  2. Gentle Cleanser — Next, you will want a product to use as the second step in your double cleanse, like a water-based gentle cleanser. Cleansing twice is not only an essential part of every skin care routine but most dermatologists and aestheticians also recommend it.
    Remember, like dissolves like. Oil-based cleansers remove oil-based contaminants, like sebum and makeup, while water-based cleaners will tackle the water-based impurities that your oil cleanser missed, such as sweat or dirt.
  3. Exfoliant — If you want glossy, flawless skin, cleaning out your pores and removing dead skin is essential! There are a couple of ways to do this: physical and chemical exfoliants. By exfoliating once or twice each week (depending on your skin’s tolerance), you can expedite the process of cell turnover and deep clean your pores. This kind of care helps your skin look brighter and smoother. Not to mention it helps increase the absorption and efficacy of your products.
  4. Toner — Toners are the best way to prep your skin, balance moisture and pH levels, and remove any remaining residues from your cleansers. Toners aid in repairing your skin’s barrier so that it can effectively absorb the products that follow. Similar to a sponge, rehydrating your skin is easier when it’s already a little damp versus totally dry and hardened up.
    Toners come in a variety of application methods, so finding one that works for you should be pretty easy. Some come in a spray bottle, while others use your hands or a cotton pad to pat across your face gently.
  5. Essence — If anti-aging, hydrating, and complexion-enhancing products are important to you, using a lightweight essence is an essential step in your Korean skincare routine. Do not forget to also apply the product to your neck and décolleté.
  6. Treatments — Serums, ampoules, boosters, and other treatments contain effective ingredients to target specific skin issues and concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and fine lines. These treatments are most effective when applied from thinnest to thickest in consistency and focused on problem areas.
  7. Sheet Masks — While sheet masks do not need to be used daily, there’s no harm in splurging often! This K-beauty must allow prolonged contact with the product, letting the nutrients absorb entirely. Not to mention, most masks should be worn for 10-20 minutes, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing moment.
  8. Eye Cream — The thin, delicate skin surrounding your eyes is unlike any other skin on your face, so it requires a special product that is exceptionally gentle, hydrating, and non-irritating. Eye creams are concentrated with beneficial ingredients that help reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.
  9. Moisturizer — Moisturizers are essential to seal in moisture and aid in smoothing fine lines and plumping up the skin. There are many different types of moisturizers available today, such as creams, gets, lotions, sleeping masks, emulsions, and more. The type of moisture you need depends entirely on your skin type. Use a generous amount of product on your face, and don’t forget your neck and chest.
  10. Sun Protection — Exposure to the sun is crucial for vitamin D absorption and the release of serotonin. However, the sun’s rays can be incredibly harmful if not careful. Wearing a quality sunscreen is the best and most effective way to protect your skin and avoid skin-related problems like cancer and signs of aging.

Sunscreen is to be applied as the last step in your beauty routine before applying makeup. Even if you spend most of your days inside, you should still wear sunscreen every day and reapply as needed.

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