Why choose us for Mediselor Black Plasma Pen

Why choose us for Mediselor Black Plasma Pen

Jun 18, 2021

Plasma Fibroblast has quickly become one of the most popular treatments to look for in 2021

What is Plasma Fibroblasting? It is a Medical device that is used to perform surgery like results. Plasma is the fourth state of Matter along with Solid, Liquid, and Gas.

The Plasma Pen harnesses this power to create an ionization of the gases u the atmosphere to create a Micro Arc. This electrical Arc never actually touches the skin, but it does create a "controlled" micro wound to the Skin. This heats and ignites the Fibroblasts in our deep Dermal Layer of the Skin. These Fibroblasts are essential cells that produce more collagen and elastin.

Not all Plasma Pens are created equally. Our Plasma Pen utilizes all forms. Fractional, Thermal and Plasma. Other Pens on the Market only use Plasma. These Pens are actually a Glorified Mole Pen that uses a Acupuncture Needle that is attached to the Device. The "Arc" or wound isn't as controlled, and can leave scarring, prolonged healing time and other risks. These Pens are meant for Basic Use, so results vary. Get Glowing Skincare decided on the Mediselor Beauty Monster Pen for various reasons.

The company offers a 1 YR Warranty

Medical Grade Steel attachments made especially for Plasma, Thermal and Fractional Treatments.

Thermal Technology accelerates Skin Generation, uses Microcurrent, while utilizing 3 different wavelengths to heal the skin.

Fractional which is wonderful for Acne, Scar, and provides Surgical like results and is wonderful for larger areas.

Plasma Technology can be used for shallow tattoo removal, Hyperpigmentation, Warts, Syringoma, Milia etc

Our Device is also coated with a SF Coating, which gives it a beautiful, sleek look while providing increased safety and durability.

This SF Coating is a Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. This Device also has Surgical, Stainless Steel tips for safe, non toxic treatments. This is crucial, many devices found online use copper which can contain lead and cause potential burns allergic reactions.

Monster Beauty has various certifications and has gone through extensive testing. This gave me confidence when deciding to carry them. Backed by the following:

CE, and FFC Certified, and is approved to be used in the US.

In my opinion, this Device, when used safely and correctly is going to truly be a game changer to the Aesthetic Industry. This technology allows for so many incredible treatments.

We know how the Skin responds to Trauma. For example, Microneedling. This is a series of microscopic tears/pricks to the skin that ignite the Fibroblasts deep with in the Skin. These Fibroblasts are sort of a big deal when it comes to building collagen, elastin, cell turnover rate, etc. These Fibroblasts can be activated in different ways, also providing a variety of results. For example, using the Hydra Stamp or Hydra Roller isn't going to be as intense as the Dr. Pen Machine. Both treatments give incredible results, just at different rates.

Chemical Peels, This is another way of igniting those Fibroblasts deep within the Skin. Silky Peel is actually more of a gentle, approach. In the US, we have a variety of Chemical Peels, ranging from light to super deep. The super Deep Peels are penetrating deeper layers within the skin. Stimulating the Fibroblasts. The process is a Peeling, or Sloughing off dead skin cells.

Plasma Fibroblast utilizes Matter and Science to activate the Fibroblasts. This makes it one of the most innovative and incredible Devices on the Market.

Thermal Attachment is wonderful for lifting the Skin, Penetrating products. Think of Nuface. (one of the top selling At home Microcurrent Devices). That is what this attachment does, but on a more medically safe level. This attachment is made with Medical grade materials. This attachment allows for so much! You can do eye microcurrent treatments, Lip enhancing microcurrent treatments, and so much more.

Fractional, this attachment also being made with Medical Grade Materials, is wonderful for larger areas of the Body. For example the chest, hands, could even be used on the Arms, and Legs. Some of the areas that are the quickest to age are the hands and neck. I always try to give them the same attention as I do my face.