What are Skin Boosters?

What are Skin Boosters?

Oct 31, 2021

Fact: Your skin stops producing collagen around age 25 and every 10 years, the skin loses about 6% of hyaluronic acid. Collagen keeps your skin elastic and healthy while hyaluronic acid helps collagen keep its form while providing hydration and moisture. Without these two things, your skin begins to form wrinkles and appears tired and dull. Skin boosters help you to replenish the skin to keep up a healthy glow, by either hydrating or building those proteins for collagen formation.

Skin boosters are an overlying term to categorize any product that is administered either to or on your skin that aids in hydration, rejuvenation or vitamin revival in your skin. Skin Boosters tend to be micro ml of product in the face, neck, and hands or a topical solution that you can apply on your face at home. On a more scientific level, skin boosters (in a sense) alter the skin's ageing process by bringing hydration and other added benefits back into the skin. 

Why Are Skin Boosters Important?

The skin booster treatments are completely safe, non-surgical with minimal downtime and are recommended for any age group. They are very important as they work from the inside out, awakening the skin cells to replenish, revive and rejuvenate. Many of us tend to do treatments and procedures that fix our past mistakes. We can stop the damage in its tracks by gravitating towards skin boosters as they can keep our skin healthy before the damage sets in.

Skin boosters come in a variety of types and are very popular in other parts of the world such as Asia, but come in quite a few types. The most common skin boosters are Hyaluronic Acid, PDRN and facial skin boosting serums (Hyaron, Curenex and Selatox). So let’s shed light on these must-do treatments that will save your skin and also keep it beautiful and how each type can benefit you.

Skin Booster Hyaluronic Acid

What Is It?

A skin booster that is made from hyaluronic acid is used to improve the skin's quality by boosting hydration levels from deep within. These can also be used to give ever so slight plumping and eliminate fine wrinkles. It draws upon 1000x its weight in water, which makes it the perfect humectant for your skin to keep moisture in.