Skincare Routines are the new Workout Routines

Skincare Routines are the new Workout Routines

Jun 18, 2021

2020 and 2021 has really impacted the Skincare and Beauty industry. We learn to roll with the changes and adapt. Yes, its much easier said than done, but that's the fun part. Skincare Routines are meant to be time set aside for yourself, and something you look forward to!

Skin is our largest Organ, so of course Skincare is important! It's more than just a routine. The at home Facial has become time spend to tone, revitalize and heal the Face, and Body. Facial Massage is a workout for the Face. Our Facial muscles need stimulating just as much as the rest of our bodies. I try to fit in a facial massage every day. Sometimes it's just 1 Min, and that's ok, you are still Igniting the Fibroblasts deep in the Skin.

Take some time for yourself. It doesn't have to be anything crazy long, choose a skincare routine that you can afford, maintain, enjoy, and fit into your schedule. Also, use products that you LOVE that make you HAPPY. It's the little things like this that can really give you a boost for the Day.