K Beauty 101

K Beauty 101

Published by Katie Fleming on Jun 18, 2021

K Beauty Lingo is a thing,

Ampoule, this is a serum that is in a form of a concentrated shot. K Beauty regimes usually layer this on top of their Serums/skin boosters. Ampoules are incredible because they are formulated to go deeper within the skin.

Double Cleanse, as a Master Esthetician, this has always been a staple in my skincare routines. Every facial would start with a classic Oil Cleanse. I would mix Olive oils, and essential oils customized for their skin's needs. Usually this is a Oil based cleanser that is meant to gently dissolve makeup, pollution, and actually pulls the impurities out of the skin.

BB Cream, this term has become more well known over the years, but was originated in S. Korea. Bb creams are known as Beauty Balms. These are meant to provide the skin with nutrients while also giving the skin a veil of coverage.

Essence, this is something that is between a water, and a serum. These are meant to deliver a sheer, lightweight layer of hydration.

Glass Skin, this is a term that has also gained popularity. Originating from K Beauty, this is a term used to describe a dewy, clear, complexion. K Beauty routines focus on facials and treatments that minimize pores, all while providing a shiny glassy glow!

Jelly, another K Beauty term. These are used to plump the skin, usually coming in a jelly form. Originating from S Korea, this is a multi functional primer/moisturizer. These can be beautiful for a primer on the skin

Masks, K Beauty is huge on Masking the skin for intensive hydration. S Korea is known for their innovative Sheet Masks, as well as intense hydrating Moisturizers. The term Mask, in S Korea, can also mean Moisture. You may see some products that are balms, or moisturizers being classified as a Mask.

Peeling, Sloughing off dead skin is another staple. K Beauty loves AHA, BHA, Glycolic, and Lactic acids. They are also masters when it comes to combining these ingredients. In Korea, they are very mindful of extracting and blending each product, so that it performs at its best.

Snail, you will see products containing Snail extract. This is also known as Mucin. Has wonderful healing and conditioning benefits to the skin. Also eliminates Bacteria, slows down aging and promotes collagen production.

Toner, These all have different uses. Some are meant to exfoliate, while others are meant to calm and hydrate the skin. K Beauty routines are all about the Layering process, and toners are essential.

Whitening, this is a term used in K Beauty, and simply their way of saying a product is Anti Aging, or Brightening. These are natural based products and ingredients that are focused on balancing the skin also while gently evening out Skin tone.

I hope these terms help you understand a little more about the K Beauty Regime. These products and Ingredients all have a story, and it is meant to be shared. Beauty and Skincare should bring you happiness and is meant to be a time to provide self reflection and care.