GetGlowing Skincare's Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Your Skincare Routine

GetGlowing Skincare's Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Your Skincare Routine

Mar 09, 2022

Your skin is worth investing some time in, so here's your guide to the perfect skincare routine that is proven to deliver glowy and dewy results.

Skincare can be many things to many different people. For some, skincare is part of their daily ritual and something they look forward to. For others, they might just see skincare as a necessity. Either way, you can't deny that clear, radiant skin makes all the difference in your confidence and how you feel throughout the day.

But skincare and science are constantly changing, and new products are always being developed. So you might wonder how to create a skincare routine that works for you. Well, you're in the right place. We're talking about all things morning and nighttime skincare routines in this article, so don't go anywhere!

Morning Skincare

A morning skincare routine is all about prepping your skin to look great throughout the day. You may have to alter the following skincare routine to better suit your needs and skincare goals, but using these products in this order is the best way to get the most out of your products. Here's what you should do in six easy steps:

1. Wash Your Face

To start any skincare routine, you'll want a clean face to make sure all your products absorb correctly. You should start each day with a gentle cleanser. Cleansers can be geared toward any of your skincare goals. If you have dry skin, consider something moisturizing with hyaluronic acid. If you have oily skin, choose something that foams and doesn't have any oils in it. If you're looking for something perfect for all skin types, the  Merikit Grain Rice Foam Cleanser is a great option for you.

2. Apply a Hydrating Toner

Some skincare experts might argue that this is unnecessary in some morning routines. Still, it's worth trying if you want to add something nice and refreshing to your practice. You want to make sure your face is moisturized and ready to brave the outdoor elements in the morning. So, if you are going to keep this toning step in your routine, make sure to choose a hydrating and cooling one that might help with puffiness. The  Ronas Stem Cell Skin Toner is one of the best options for a hydrating toner.

3. Serums

Serums are great for getting the glowy, dewy look before you put on your makeup. Choose something with amino acids and peptides like the  Eres Tu Peptide Complex 3,000ppm Serum for a moisturizing option that works for all skin types.

4. Eye Cream

One of the most important things you can add to your morning routine is an eye cream. Massaging an eye cream under your eyes in the morning can reduce bagginess and firm and brighten the area. The  Or'Jade Eye Firming Cream is an outstanding product that can help your smooth out those under eyes and prep them for your makeup to sit nicely upon all day long.

5. Moisturize

You've heard it over and over again: don't skip the face lotion. And we mean it! For this step, you can choose something lightweight and gentle. The  Ronas Stem Cell Hydro Cream should do the trick. 

6. Sunscreen

One of the most critical steps to your morning skincare routine is the application of SPF sunscreen. One of the best ways to prevent signs of aging is to protect your skin from the sun and UV rays. Whether you're new to the skincare world or you're a seasoned fanatic, you should know how essential this last step is. Get Glowing carries various  sun protection products to shop from based on your skin's needs.

Nightly Skincare

You should make your nighttime routine all about restoring your skin. When you're sleeping, your skin is working on turning over the skin cells and reestablishing pH balance in your skin. This natural process makes your nighttime routine the best possible time to use active ingredients that fight acne, exfoliate, keep your skin looking young and maintain elasticity. Here are the steps to consider:

1. Wash Makeup and Sunscreen Off

You should start your evening routine with a cleanse that focuses on the makeup, sunscreen, sweat, and anything else that builds up on your face throughout the day. An oil-based cleanser like  Merikit One Point Cleansing Oil melts even the most stubborn makeup off the face.

2. Wash Your Face

After your first cleanse with an oil product, you'll need a second cleanser that targets the oils and sebum buildup in your pores. You can use something gentle at this time, like the one you use for your morning routine.

3. Chemical Exfoliator or Retinoid

Like we said before, using active ingredients at night is always best. You'll want to choose between needing an exfoliating serum that targets clogged pores like the  Eres Tu Niacinamide 5% Serum or a retinoid that stimulates cell turnover. It would be best not to use both since these ingredients can dry and cause skin irritation or sensitivity.

4. Moisturize

If you want to make sure your skin stays balanced and doesn't dry out, your moisturizer is essential at night time. You can implement the same one that you use in the morning or opt for something heavier to help restore your skin's natural barrier.

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