PDRN Boosters: Are They Worth It?

PDRN Boosters: Are They Worth It?

Oct 26, 2022

PDRN, or polydeoxyribonucleotide, is a skincare staple, and boosters can deliver this treatment to your skin at a cellular level. These potent regenerative molecules are extracted from the DNA in salmon sperm.

This might seem like an unusual source of a beauty serum, but Korean skincare products are known for their ingenuity in using exotic ingredients. The use of salmon sperm in skincare originated in South Korea, and now PDRN boosters are widely used in the skincare sector worldwide.

What Do PDRN Boosters Do?

Sure, polydeoxyribonucleotides are popular. But what about these boosters make them so desirable, and are they worth it?

Here’s the thing. You might have a skincare routine that’s a mile long. You wash your face twice daily, use moisturizer, and protect your skin with sunscreen. You may even have a shelf of serums and creams in your bathroom. But there’s a good chance you haven’t seen any improvements in your skin’s texture.

Your fine lines are probably still there. Your uneven skin tone likely hasn’t changed much. That’s because you’re likely using products that prevent skin damage rather than ones designed specifically to repair the damage already there.

As much as we hate to believe it, most of us have some pretty severe damage to our skin. Years of sunbathing and tanning beds are bound to impact our skin. That’s why it’s essential to use a skincare product that repairs damage, regenerates skin cells, and makes your skin look younger. PDRN boosters deliver all of those benefits and more.

Let’s take a deep dive into the proven benefits of this powerful skincare ingredient, and you’ll quickly see that it’s well worth any investment of time or money.

Benefits of PDRN Boosters

Polydeoxyribonucleotides have some pretty astounding benefits when they’re incorporated into your skincare routine:

  • Anti-inflammatory – This ingredient works at the cellular level to decrease inflammation in your face and skin so that you can say goodbye to morning puffiness. It promotes healing from deep within your skin so you can start (and finish) the day with beautiful, healthy skin.
  • Rejuvenating – The DNA in salmon can regenerate tissues by activating the microvessels in your skin. In turn, this activates fibroblasts in the skin to help boost collagen production and rejuvenate your skin at an impressive rate.
  • Tissue Regeneration – Our skin regenerates naturally, but this ingredient speeds up the process for radiant skin that lasts long after your makeup has been removed. Skin cells regenerating faster means the dull, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin will be replaced sooner. And all of that contributes to long-lasting beautiful, healthy skin.
  • Stimulating – Polydeoxyribonucleotides stimulate elastin production and collagen growth in the skin so that you can enjoy tighter and brighter skin after a booster treatment.
  • Tones – After a booster, dark spots and discoloration are smoothed for a brighter and more even skin tone. No more dark spots to cover with makeup!
  • Repairing – These boosters repair even deep layers of skin damage, so you can look forward to improved skin elasticity and a stronger natural barrier to prevent further skin damage.
  • Biocompatible – This naturally occurring ingredient has excellent biocompatibility with human skin, so you’re unlikely to experience an allergy or an adverse reaction to a booster.

Repairing and regenerating are the two most noticeable functions that have propelled this skincare staple forward in skincare routines across the globe. It improves skin quality at a cellular level and prepares the skin to respond to other treatments, serums, and skincare products. So, don’t throw out your shelf of skincare products! Hang on to them, and you’ll notice they’re far more effective after a polydeoxyribonucleotide booster treatment.

More PDRN Applications

While boosters are an effective way to get the product into your skin, there are other application methods available. You can get all the benefits of the ingredient in these ways, too:

  • Topical Serums – This is one of the easiest ways to start incorporating this ingredient into your skincare routine. Simply massage it into the skin, and let it soak for several minutes before following up with moisturizer and any other facial products you use.
  • Masks – Facial masks containing polydeoxyribonucleotides are another great way to reap this ingredient's benefits. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how frequently to apply the masks. Some recommend two to three times a week, while others should be used daily for the best results.

How Much Do PDRN Boosters Cost?

Depending on how you go about it, there can be a huge variation in the cost of boosters. You can go to a salon to get booster treatments, but you might pay through the roof for a single treatment. You can also find salmon DNA boosters in skin serums, facial masks, and other at-home treatments for much less.

So is it worth it? We sure think so. The huge benefits that come along with polydeoxyribonucleotide boosters are worth any cost. Most people would be willing to pay almost anything for that youthful glow, and with these boosters, that becomes entirely possible.

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