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Mediselor Eongkkam Mask Patch 7 Pack

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A Must Have in a Busy Life.

A must have item for modern day people who spend most of their days in contaminated air and dry office, making it possible to have efficient skin care.

Coatderm Transparent Mask Advantages

Contains variety of vegetable property substances, softening the uneven dead skin cells like pigmentation and atopy under the buttocks that are difficult to take care of. The moisturizing and whitening brightens the tone and helps the droopy hip line.

The hydrogel that is the main substance of the gluthatione has good adhesiveness and brightening affect.

Product Specifications

The hydrogel patch has good adhesiveness so it is okay to go out with the patch on.

Put the patch on at least 4 hours a day.

You will be able to notice how the rough dark buttocks area become softer just within one day of use.

For Topical Use Only.