Hyaluron Pen Ampoules 0.5 ML (10 Pack)

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Quality matters, and our Ampoules are all top of the line.

Ampules for the Hyaluron Pen come empty for the purpose to be filled with fillers, skin boosters or other gel like serums. They are made of reinforced plastic and are especially designed to be compatible with Hyaluron pens.

Ampoule head has volume measurement, so it is easier to get the proper volume of the product.

Once they have been filled, they can be used with the Hyaluron Pen to inject the serum into the skin.

Ampules come in 0.5ml.

How To Use

Inject the serum, ampoule, skin booster or filler of your choice into the ampoule. When closing the ampoule, make sure that no air bubbles are present, so the stick can properly press on the gel. Once done, screw your ampoule onto your Hyaluron pen and you are ready to start your injection session. It is highly recommended to discard the ampoule as they are single-use only.

.05 ML. Sealed/ Packed, Sanitized, and ready for use.

These are 1x per use, to ensure proper sanitation and health.
10 Ampoules per package



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