Tips for Lips with Katie

Tips for Lips with Katie

Published by Katie Fleming on Jun 18, 2021

Get the most out of your Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Hydration is key. Hyaluronic Acid loves water and moisture! I like to focus on drinking more water a few days prior, during and after. This will optimize your results!
Comfort is also another important factor. Position yourself so that you feel confident and comfortable with the Hyaluron Pen. Pick an area where you have great lighting, you want to be able to see every little detail!

Do 2 Test Shots. First one is to warn of the noise. This sounds silly, but hold your pen close to your face, or close to the lips and do a test shot just to demonstrate the sound. The last thing you want, is to flinch while you are doing your Lips!
2nd test shot is going to be the one you do right before doing your first infusion/injection. I do this for my own piece of mind, I want to make sure the pressure is perfect and only 0.01 -0.02 ml.

Have your working station set, sanitized and ready to go, make sure you have everything you need close.
For example, make sure you have your sharps container/trash handy as well as alcohol wipes, and Vaseline. While performing the service, if for some reason you have an infusion site that is bleeding, or a little more sensitive, apply Vaseline! This not only will help to prevent bruising, it will keep the product (Hyaluronic Acid) , inside. Vaseline is a wonderful natural and safe remedy for wounds. Just make sure it is 100% White Petroleum Reg. Vaseline.

Lip Mapping, I have seen so many different types of Mapping. Personally I like to take a super conservative approach. In Korea and other European countries, this is done very minimally, but on a frequent basis. It's more of a Hyaluronic Acid Treatment...a blanket of moisture. Here is what I do on myself:

My favorite part of the lip is the Vermillion Border. This is the Lip line area. I try to focus on building this area. This enhances the natural shape of your lips. I personally believe that each infusion/injection should be no more than 0.01 ml, and 0.02 ml. This is 1-2 Lines on your Hyaluron Pen. This is going to calibrate the pressure to the proper amount. It is also a very tiny amount of product that is infused into the skin. This is only penetrating the surface layer of the lips. This makes Vascular Occlusion nearly impossible.

Remember Hyaluronic Acid likes to layer on top of itself. The very first treatment is more of a base layer. After the swelling subsides, they may feel like they don't look as plump. This is totally normal. The product is meant to be slowly built over time.
2nd treatment should be done at 4 weeks to be safe. This allows for all swelling to go down. It also allows the Hyaluronic acid to properly absorb or layer. Follow the same protocol, wait 4 weeks for a 3rd treatment. By this treatment, the lips should have a proper plump and also foundation that can be maintained.

Longevity of Hyaluronic Acid varies. It totally depends on diet, genetics, caffeine, medication, climate and products. One thing that I have noticed that truly improves longevity, is Hydration. This doesn't cost a thing, and will give you the best results!

One helpful tip is to always have Rubbing alcohol handy, you want to make sure there is no slip when you are holding the lip. Always make sure the skin is fully surrounding the Ampoule. This will ensure no product loss or slipping. Don't pull the pen away too quickly after each infusion. You want to make sure the Hyaluronic acid has time to really get in. Massage after each infusion. Not hard... you don't want to push out any of the Hyaluronic Acid, but you want to make sure it's nicely placed.
The Lips can only handle so much, be mindful of their lips as you are working. Keep an eye out for any lumps and bumps, try to keep it as smooth as possible. Also, don't be afraid to have them move their head so you have a better angle... I know this tip sounds silly, but when you are first starting, I feel like we are all so tense! We forget the small stuff!

Neuramis Deep and Lido, Both are incredible for the Lip area. Sometimes I even prefer Lido. Neuramis Deep is known for its instant "Pushed up" pout. This is also great for other areas of the face where you are wanting a little more definition.

Neuramis Lido, is a tiny bit softer of a look and Viscosity than the Deep. This is great to work with, it layers beautifully and allows you to take it a bit slower with the plumping effects.

Neuramis Volume works beautifully for soft facial contouring. For example, you can softly enhance the Chin, Nose, and Cheek Bone areas.
This Hyaluronic Acid also provides a beautiful plump similar to Neuramis Deep. I hope these tips help! You are going to be amazing, give yourself time.

Summary: Be patient, and remember 1-2 lines each infusion, which equates to 0.01 and 0.02 ML