3 Pressure - Dual .3 and .5 Hyaluron Pen

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Aesthetic Needle-less Three Pressure Injection Pen 

Quality is everything, and this Device is Incredible.
In Korea, and other Countries, the Hyaluron Pen, has been an essential item in Aesthetic beauty. This offers a much softer approach to infusing and treating the Skin. 
Provides a needle-less, microscopic, infusion through a hole that is 2x smaller than the smallest Insulin Needle. This occurs in a rapid 0.2 seconds, making this treatment much less invasive and painful.

Dual Sized. .3, and .5 Ampoules.
Ampoules, 1x per use, Safe, Medical Packaging. 
Dose Controlled. 
Can be used with Kabelline, for Fat Dissolve Infusions on the Face and Body
Can be used with Neuramis products



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